Friday, December 07, 2012

The Geelong Supercats are pleased to announce the signing of two American imports for their SEABL men’s team in 2013.


Theron Wilson will return for his second year with the club, while new recruit Michael Mercer joins the team, replacing the injured Kimmani Barrett.

“We knew from the surgeon that the timeframe for Kimmani’s recovery wasn’t going to fit with our 2013 SEABL schedule. We set about looking for a new import – but also taking into consideration that we not only lost Kimmani, but also David Mecanovic to an ACL. We needed to consider the type of players they both were and how you replace that on the court,” said Jamie O’Loughlin, head coach of the Geelong Supercats SEABL Men.

“We feel like Mike fits what we need. He’s a multi-purpose guard, he can play the 1-3 positions, and he’s proven himself at those positions at a high level both at college and two years at pro level. He’s a very good athlete and we’re excited to bring him in to the team.”

Mercer, who will arrive in Australia in early February along with his wife and young son, comes to the SEABL after stints in the Germany Pro B league and Canada’s PBL. He is looking forward to settling into the Geelong community. “I’ve heard a lot of great things about Australia. My college roommate was from Melbourne and would always tell me about the differences between the US and Australia. I’m very happy and blessed to get the opportunity to call Geelong my new home next season,” said Mike.

“Once I spoke to Coach O’Loughlin, I knew that Geelong was the place I wanted to play next season. The style of play that the team plays fit my game so well. He likes an uptempo style of play and that’s the way I’ve played my entire career.”

Mike is also confident that he can help the team go two games better in 2013, with fans being able to look forward to some high flying dunks and uptempo and aggresive play from the 6’4” guard. “Most importantly, the supporters can look forward to lots of wins and seeing their team hoisting that championship trophy at the end of the season,” said Mercer.

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